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Free Rain Adventures

Each year, Free Rain Adventures provides a wholesome experience packed with creativity, friends and fun. Our unique program promotes the development of self-esteem, independence and responsibility for all campers.

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Camp is designed to build community and create a safe space for kids to be kids.  We blend backyard neighborhood fun with exploring the beautiful natural playgrounds surrounding us.

The wide range of activities and experiences offered at Free Rain Adventures empower your child to get out of their comfort zone and try something new.  Safety and setting boundaries are a top priority which lead to a fostering of responsibilities and growth.  

As a small group, we prioritize communication, safety, and creating a week tailored to the needs of the group.  Kids have autonomy and learn about respect and what is takes to nurture friendships 

We allow kids to build skills, develop trust, and to grow into confident individuals who can interact well with the world around them.  Camp is an inclusive place for kids to grow and be free to be themselves. 

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"Steve is exactly who you want taking care of your kiddos.  He creates an environment of support, growth, accountability, and play.  His unique balance of offering time for self directed activity and structured outdoor adventures was perfect for our high energy and curious son. We would highly recommend..."

Alex M

"I love going to new places I've never been to, and we go back to the ones we really like.  I like being with my friends and going on awesome adventures."

Reid, Age 11

"My kids have attended camp since its inception, and while I give them other
options, they consistently choose “Steve Camp” as their top choice. This says a lot given their picky nature! They enjoy the varied outdoor expeditions, strong friendships, and freedom to explore and truly just be kids.  But most importantly, I like knowing that my kids are having a summer experience in line with what childhood really should be about- time spent outside with friends, exploring and getting dirty..."

Samantha Q

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